Snow Days Shorten Glen Rock's Spring Break

So far, it'll be two days shorter. But forecasters are predicting more snow on Monday.

So far, Spring Break in Glen Rock will be two days shorter, thanks to the number of snow days this winter. The district posted a notice on its website earlier this week indicating that the vacation days would need to be spent in school in order to meet the state’s 180-school day minimum.

“As of Feb. 25, staff and students will be expected to make up two (2) emergency days beginning with Thursday, April 17 and Wednesday, April 16,” the post said.

The announcement comes as forecasters are predicting another storm to hit the area Monday.

“Should schools be required to close for additional emergencies and/or weather-related incidents the pattern will continue to ensure Glen Rock remains in compliance with the NJDOE requirement for 180 days of instruction,” the post said.

“We appreciate your cooperation.”

Glen Rock is just one of many districts across the county and the state forced to shorten its spring break because of snow days. Ridgewood announced it would be doing the same earlier this month.


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