Teens Host Post-Prank Rally to Rehab Teaneck High's Image

Alumni have also gotten involved in helping change the image of the school after it received national attention when 63 students were arrested last week.

Members of the Teaneck High School community hosted events Wednesday that they say should help rehab the image of the school after a prank last week that saw 63 of its students arrested.

According to a NorthJersey.com report, mentor group Teaneck Comes Together, Inc., said the group and township teenagers hosted a rally Wednesday afternoon that addressed the school prank, and “the truth about Teaneck’s teens.”

The brief rally started at 3 p.m. on the high school front lawn, the report said. Officials are also anticipating discussion of the incident and the arrests at a Board of Education meeting Wednesday night, it said.

Alumni are also getting involved in trying to rehab the school’s image, the report said. A group of alumni have started an IndieGoGo fundraising page, and working with the district to determine how the money will be used.

District officials have said that reports of the incident, which cited police reports of extensive damage and urine on the school's floors, were overblown, and community members have criticized the police department for its response to the incident, the report said.

zizi May 10, 2014 at 10:54 PM
Richie: There is an organized movement to somehow lessen the crime.... discredit the witnesses... bring doubt to where it is none..... save the criminals from punishment.... by people who are at fault...... kids who committed these crimes, the parents who should have known about it and should have stopped it before it happened and letting under age kids to go out of at 2AM.... the school teachers who should have taught some lessons about obeying the law... the school administrators who should have known about a prank that involved so many kids..... It seems the tax payers should insist on prosecuting all who are involved in these crimes and teaching them a lesson in civics..... and about our justice system....
Facts BeforeJudgement May 11, 2014 at 12:17 PM
If I wasn't getting all of the email alerts I would not even bother to comment anymore thanks for reminding me to "Cancel alerts." As far as you all sitting on your "Anonymous internet thorns" Your nothing more than a comment on this blog you don't know the exact facts as exaggerated as they were I shall be the one to let you in on not so much the secret that life has moved on your "Opinions" are just that options thank you for those who have enough sense not to compare a stupid choice that they went in the building after hours which is the harshest thing as it is now known that AGAIN urine all over the place and broken furniture did not happen.For all the negative comments PLEASE READ MY WORDS VERY CAREFULLY CAUSE I'M ALSO SAYING IT AS I TYPE IT "YOU AINT GON DO SHIIIII!!" and I mean that in as grammatically incorrectly as I typed it your a non factor,so let the school and the towns people work this out and go watch CNN and figure out how we can find those kidnapped girls in Nigeria.These students have their reputations to speak for them more than this adolescent mistake that they made and it will be taken into consideration no judge,court school district and again critiques on the internet is not going to ruin their lives,throw them in jail,not allow them to graduate,participate in prom etc.etc. so when this story gets old and your ranting on another article remember what I type and accept your label 'NON FACTOR"......Good Day;-)
PeterB May 11, 2014 at 01:20 PM
@Factsbeforejudgement - You should either like an out of touch ,arrogant and ignorant parent or student who just got busted. Bottom line - I don't care about the urine, nor the balloons, whatever was on the door knobs. You broke into a school in the middle of the night. What part of breaking and entering don't you get?! And guess what your statement that i am not going to anything is so incorrect. What I am going to do is go to every board of ed meeting regarding this and make it a point to contact the county prosecutors office that they prosecute to the full extent of the law. You better get your box of tissues ready because i am sure that you will be crying some tears. Problem is you and your friends or fellow parents are just ignorant and stupid. That is not my opinion thats a FACT!! I make sure I honk while your picking up trash on the side of RT 4 as you serve your community service.
John Santaella May 11, 2014 at 04:40 PM
I can just see Peter B. going to Hackensack and the prosecutors office: "Do you know who I am?" "Hi, I'm Peter B and I'm going to tell you how to do your job." After the Met's loss last night you've just made my Sunday I'm laughing so hard.


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