Valley Testimony to Continue This Week

Planning board meetings scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday this week.

After almost two months off the Ridgewood Planning Board's agenda, Valley Hospital is a scheduled discussion topic this week.

Having concluded hearing testimony from an opposition group late last year, in early December the board began hearing from experts retained by the village. Gordon Meth, a traffic expert, testified on ways the board could limit the hospital's impact on local roads should it be granted approval to expand its current facility.

The board meets 7:30 Wednesday night at George Washington Middle School to continue hearing testimony from board experts. A posted agenda does not specify the topic of discussion.

Residents are given an opportunity to question experts on their presentations to the board.

Another planning board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, but an agenda is not yet available.

The board is considering a master plan amendment that would allow Valley to nearly double the size of the hospital. Neighbors throughout the process have criticized the proposal, citing the potential for adverse impacts to the surrounding residential zones, while Valley maintains the expansion is necessary to remain competitive with space for new technology and single patient rooms.
Ridgewooder January 28, 2014 at 03:56 PM
Valley should be allowed and encouraged to expand. Everybody around them are selfish NIMBYers.


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