Bergen is Fourth Healthiest County in NJ, Medical Report Says

Robert Wood Johnson's annual study ranks counties on health, socioeconomic and environmental factors.

Written by Jason Koestenblatt.

Lookin’ good, Bergen County.

That’s because this is one of the healthiest counties in the state of New Jersey, according to an annual study conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

In overall health outcome, Bergen came in fourth out of the state’s 21 counties, and ranked fourth in health factors.

Health outcome was determined by two factors: length of life and quality of life. Quality of life encompassed poor or fair health; poor physical health days; poor mental health days; and low birth weight.

The health factors category was much more detailed in the report, incorporating factors such as tobacco use, alcohol and drug use, diet and exercise, and sexual activity among other factors such as clinical care and social and economic factors.

Hunterdon County led both rankings.

Cumberland County in southern New Jersey ranked dead last in both categories.

To see the full report, go here


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