'Fare on the Square' Profiled

Organic restaurant Ridgewood Fare opened just doors from Carlo's Bakery in January.

The Record on Thursday profiled farm-to-table restaurant Ridgewood Fare, which opened last month.

The new restaurant, located at 26 Wilsey Square, is designed to attract foodies with "unusual comfort foods," general manager Toni DeLisi told "Starters".

DeLisi added that newly-opened Carlo's Bakery isn't competition, they'll help bring customers into the folksy-but-trendy cafe.

Ridgewood Fare replaces the last concept from the owners of Axia in Tenafly, gourmet chicken restaurant Baste. DeLisi said she's confident Ridgewood Fare will succeed.

"Many of the professionals and businesses here are thrilled to have something new and different," she told the paper. "We've been very warmly received."


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