Local Wine Sellers Share Their Holiday Gift Picks

A look at some of the season's best wines

Looking for a last-minute gift to bring to a holiday party? Local wine sellers shared some of their top picks with Patch.

Donald Callwood of said rich wines are very popular this season. He recommended Bogle Vineyard's Phantom, an annual blend. Callwood said that Melbec wines from climates with hot days and cool nights, such as Cautivo from Argentina's Mendoza region, are also very good for the season.

For fans of white wine, Callwood suggested something with some texture like an Austrian Grüner Veltliner. Though white wines are less popular after Thanksgiving, Callwood said they go particularly well with food from the new , located nearby at 34 Franklin Ave. 

Those wanting something more traditional can try Duval-Leroy Champagne recommended by owner Joel Mitchel. Alternatively, Callwood suggested trying a Sicilian wine from Planeta Wineries, made from grapes grown exclusively in the region.

Of course, wine is not for everyone. Callwood said a bottle of good single malt Scotch or Cognac also makes a fine gift (and we can't agree more).

For more information, follow The Wine Cottage on Twitter or like them on Facebook and visit the Beekman Wines & Liquors website.


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