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Since the merger, there have been some complaints from Glen Rock residents saying, "We don't want to read Ridgewood news, just Glen Rock!" The same has been said of Ridgewood residents.

To make things easier, all Glen Rock stories are tagged "Glen Rock" and Ridgewood stories "Ridgewood," so if you roll your mouse over the news tab you'll see "Glen Rock Patch" and "Ridgewood Patch" show up after the "Sports" tab.

Click whichever tab you're interested in reading and you'll be directed to a topic page with news only pertinent to your town.

It's not the prettiest thing, but it's fairly intuitive.


We're also looking for more bloggers. The Ridgewood/Glen Rock communities aren't known for its shy citizens. Whether you want to talk about the Yankees off-season, recommend the best queso dip for the Super Bowl party, what you think the village or borough should do with your tax money, this is the place to do it. You're already commenting on the stories, chiming in on the big issues in town. Now, the floor could be yours.

Click this link for more info on the blogging platform.


Continue the conversation over on Facebook and Twitter. It's not just a place where links to articles are posted. Twitter contains general observations, event-and-food recommendations, breaking news and general complaints of the way people drive in Ridgewood.

Facebook should be used as more of a message board for the community. Add announcements, observations there. Have a big store grand opening coming up? Post it on the Facebook. Want to talk about the chaos of morning drop-offs at school? Do it there!


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