New Hospital Expansion Plans, New Superintendent Introduced in Top Local Headlines

Other stories include Ridgewood being designated one of America's safest cities and a school budget with no expected tax increase.

Valley Hospital Back With New Expansion Plan

The lawsuit Concerned Residents of Ridgewood (CRR) filed against the Ridgewood Planning Board and Valley Hospital was settled on Thursday. Valley is expected to return with a new expansion plan in March.

Council Passes Controversial 'Dangerous Dog' Ordinance

Owners of 'dangerous dogs' will have to pay $700 per year in licensing costs. An educational animal ownership committee is expected to be formed as a result of the publicity generated from the ordinance.

Ridgewood Named 6th Safest City in United States

Mayor Paul Aronsohn was not surprised Ridgewood was listed as one of America's ten safest cities. "Ridgewood is a community in the truest sense of the word, and we have a first-rate police force," he said.

Jane Shinozuka says the council clearly had no intention of making her a full-time member, prompting her to leave the board as an alternate. Her resignation came on the heels of another member leaving the previous week.

Ex-Ridgewood Water Engineer Charged with Hiding Contamination Levels

The former chief engineer of Ridgewood Water, William Mowell, was indicted Wednesday for allegedly manipulating the water supply in East Orange, where he works. 

No Tax Increase Projected in Glen Rock School Budget

Although there are small increases in debt service, Glen Rock is expected to be the only district in New Jersey to present a flat tax increase for the second consecutive year.

Glen Rock Welcomes New Superintendent

To a throng of cheers, Glen Rock's school board welcomed Paula Valenti as the new full-time superintendent of the district. Valenti, the current principal of Emerson High School, will start March 18.


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