UPDATED: Dormmates Testify in Clementi Trial

Trial of Dharun Ravi expected to last about a month


Two Rutgers students who lived in the same dorm as Tyler Clementi and Dharun Ravi told jurors Friday what they saw on the evening Ravi allegedly used a camera attached to his computer to spy on his roommate's sexual encounter with another man.

Ravi, 19, from Plainsboro, faces 15 criminal counts stemming from the incident. After learning about the spying, Clementi, a Ridgewood High School graduate, committed suicide by jumping from the George Washington Bridge.

According to a report on NJ.com, Cassandra Cicco told jururs she was present when Ravi and then-roomate Molly Wei spied on Clementi in their shared room via webcam.

NJ.com reports that Cicco told the court that the three saw the video briefly, with an image of two men in an intimate embrace. One of the men was Clementi, the other has only been identified in court documents as "M.B."

Ravi's attorney reportedly asked Cicco if Ravi had ever shown prejudice against gays, and Cicco said he had not, and claimed Ravi had stated that he had a good friend who was gay.

Earlier Friday, in their opening statement to the jury, prosecutor's dismissed the notion that Ravi's alleged webcam spying on his roommate was done in fun.

"It was not a prank,” Middlesex County Prosecutor Julia McClure said in his opening statement to the jury. “It was mean spirited, it was malicious and it was criminal.”

According to a report from WNYC's Nancy Solomon, Ravi's attorney, Steven Altman, said McClure's depiction of his client as a homophobe was not accurate.

Altman said that Ravi was an immature boy new to college.

Solomon is live tweeting the case from the court room as it progresses.

AStar Gazer February 27, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Just unbelievable, watching Molly’s testimony today at trial. It drips of total gay ‘political correctness’. It is so obvious, to any fair minded person, there was never any bullying, hate speech or other ‘gay bashing’. All those charges should never have been brought. Without any documented prior ‘bullying’ behavior on the part of Ravi, apparently the State felt a room change request was grounds for a ‘bullying’ charge. Bullying led to his suicide, outrageous untrue. The State should stop the trial at once, and admit their shameful actions. Tyler did not commit suicide due to bullying, just a fragile soul who could not or did not want to address his sexually, with himself or his parents. Rutgers’ has many support groups for GLBT people and perhaps their outreach efforts should have been made more apparent to someone like Tyler when he first arrived on campus. Was there an attempt to obstruct justice, maybe. The jury is still out on that. The State is towing the gay rights lobby agenda, looking for a ‘scalp’. This trial is all about gay politics, not justice. Also, time to cut Rutgers budget again, especially if they are having lobster in the dining halls. Again, unbelievable. Lastly, maybe we can find productive work for the judge’s clerk as she is reading a romance novel during the work day that is taking place. Only in New Jersey.


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