Tuesday's Gone: Happy Tuesday Closing Shop

Lisa Williamson says the lease is up, and it's time

Gift boutique will soon be closing its doors, co-owner Lisa Williamson confirmed to Patch early this week.

"It's time. Our lease is up and we're done in the retail world," Williamson, who co-owns the store with her sister Katie Taylor, said. "It just wasn't fun anymore."

Williamson, a villager since 1998, plans on closing the shop before the 23rd in time for high school graduation.

The East Ridgewood Ave shop after a "Sorry to Say Goodbye" sale.

The two had attempted to get out of their lease previously but were unable to. Once the merchandise was liquidated, they . Now, after an opening, closing and re-opening, the cycle will repeat.

The last Happy Tuesday sale is already underway.

Still, she stressed she'll remain active in the community. "I'm still around, I'm still in Ridgewood," the vice president of the Ridgewood Guild said.

As for immediate plans?

"I'll be spending summer at the beach," she said.

The Ridgewood Guild June 16, 2011 at 02:22 PM
This is a big loss for our Village. A beautiful shop with a great product assortment....gone. Another case of a good tenant at the mercy of an uncooperative landlord. The tenant mix in the CBD is so unbalanced at this point in time. High rent and high taxes do not make a good formula for success. The number one reason to buy a home in Ridgewood is the downtown shopping district. As the CBD declines, so does the property value within. Empty spaces have been known to sit vacant for 2 to 3 years before rented. Vacant shops and restaurants do not help to create an attractive landscape. I think any landlord who has a vacancy in town more than 12 months should have to reduce their rent, or be fined. Lisa and Katie will be greatly missed. I wish them much luck in the future. I, for one know that I have made 2 lasting friendships, but where will I go to shop when I need a gift? Tony Damiano - owner of Mango Jam and President of The Ridgewood Guild
Boyd A. Loving June 16, 2011 at 02:57 PM
I agree that vacant properties detract from creating an attractive downtown landscape, but I disagree with Mr. Damiano's opinion regarding restaurants. Many of the most attractive properties within Ridgewood's CBD were renovated by restaurant owners/operators. Restaurants generate a significant amount of traffic into the CBD. Unfortunately, most of this traffic is generated during times when traditional retail outlets (like Mr. Damiano's Mango Jam) are closed. Perhaps instead of bashing the restaurant trade, The Ridgewood Guild might want to recommend that its members adjust their business hours to capitalize on restaurant and movie theatre traffic. The busiest night in the CBD is now Tuesday; this due to the free movie tickets for Cablevision's "Triple Play" customers. Interestingly, I've yet to see a single retail outlet try to capitalize on the Tuesday night influx of patrons - no one stays open late on Tuesday, nor offers any special discounts to movie theatre patrons. Why is that?
The Ridgewood Guild June 16, 2011 at 04:21 PM
Im confused. Where did I bash the restaurant trade?? Actually by being unbalanced, referred to the lack of retail.stores, which is common knowledge. The restaurant trade was never mentioned. Tony Damiano
June June 16, 2011 at 04:34 PM
I've lived in Ridgewood for 40 years. I have always heard many complaints from numerous store owners in the CBD that they are not making enough money. Years ago, Thursday night was advertised as the night for late night shopping -9 pm. However, when we would attempt to shop on Thursday nights, just a scattering of stores were open. When I questioned those store owners (during the day) who chose to be closed in the evening, I always heard the same thing - we cannot afford to pay someone for those extra 3-4 hours; we are family owned & we want some family time so we choose not to stay open. The CBD has so much competition from the malls where one can shop regardless of the weather and can shop late every night. All of the store owners know this, but choose not to make accommodations that would increase their income. I have always been puzzled about this. Tuesday night would be a great night for later shopping or Friday night. After a nice dinner in the CBD accompanied by a few drinks at the start of the week-end, people are feeling mellow and ready to expand their evening into some shopping and spending time. But, they cannot do that shopping in Ridgewood. If one or two stores do decide to stay open, that would not generate much business. There should be a late night for every store to make it work.


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