Glen Rocker's E-Mail Hacked, Scam Messages Sent

Contacts received scam that the victim was mugged in Wales, UK.

A Glen Rock resident's e-mail was recently hacked and police say contacts received scam emails claiming the victim was mugged on vacation in Wales, United Kingdom.

"The email requests financial assistance to help them get home," police wrote in a message posted on Facebook Tuesday. "This is a common scam, however since the hacked email account is from a local resident you will be more likely to receive it. As always, verify any stories or requests for money from friends and family and be VERY CAUTIOUS when utilizing ANY wire transfer services (Western Union, MoneyGram, or bank transfer)."

Scams have been on the rise lately, so Glen Rock police urge residents attend a workshop on scam and fraud prevention hosted by Glen Rock Detective James Calaski at Borough Hall on Oct. 17.

Melvin Freedenberg October 10, 2012 at 10:42 AM
I don't see where this is publishable news. It is as common as a traffic light turning from red to green and anybody who uses a computer must already be aware of this. I have received that that scam attempt several times and it is dated. A newer scam comes from a bogus Verizon bill, which says the customer has racked up thousands of dollars in charges. A simple remedy is to NEVER click a link, familiar or unfamiliar, from an incoming e-mail. Do all your Internet business the regular way through your bookmark or favorite places portal.


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