Modest Tax Increase Projected For Glen Rock Residents

Preliminary budget to be introduced Wednesdays amounts to 1.7% increase.

Initial projections show homeowners paying just under an average of $50 more in municipal taxes for 2012, according to Mayor John van Keuren.

In a brief telephone conversation Tuesday, van Keuren said local taxpayer money that must be raised in the upcoming budget will rise slightly, from just over $12.47 million to about $12.67 million.

For the average homeowner assessed at around $547,000, that amounts to a real increase of $48, up 1.7 percent. The budget, to be introduced Wednesday night at the public meeting, is under the mandated 2 percent cap on the local tax levy, officials said. in 2012.

"We're continuing to manage the balance between service and cost, and we're preserving a lot of the services residents are used to while staying within all guidelines and caps imposed by the state," van Keuren said. "We don't have some of the more fundamental problems other towns in the area have."

Some cost drivers to the budget include higher fuel prices, subsidizing the library, worker salary increases and various shared services with the school board, van Keuren said. Council members and administrators will also be taking a close look at health benefits and insurance costs, he added.

Asked if there were any worker layoffs or new hires expected, the mayor declined to answer, though he remarked there are no plans to reduce municipal services.

Borough Administrator Lenora Benjamin stated at the Monday night borough council meeting that budget information and "highlights" would be up on the website prior to the introduction.

Benjamin did not return a call seeking comment Tuesday.

John Hahn March 14, 2012 at 12:06 PM
"Council members and administrators will also be taking a close look at health benefits and insurance costs, he added." The operative words are 'taking a close look' You never read that the mayor & council ever actually doing anything other than raising taxes. The council could forego their ridiculous Health Care Insurance stipend which costs their fellow taxpayers $75,000+ Last week in Paramus, I saw trash being picked up by one man in a truck. Of course residents have to use a special trash bin that the truck can grab at the curb. It would mean bringing trash bins to the curb. Currently, residents bring cardboard to the curb every monday. They bring recyclables or bulk to the curb 3 of 4 wednesdays. The mayor & council control 20% of the tax pie. But if they can keep the tax rate flat or reduce taxes they should.
Beth Fernandez March 14, 2012 at 02:43 PM
With all of the people in town that are getting their taxes reduced, I am amazed that the increase will be as low as it is. What a challenge!
Mike Kilhaney March 14, 2012 at 09:58 PM
John H.--- raises some great "food for thought" ideas that deserve a "closer look" toward reducing the tax burden. Many other ideas have been proposed that can result in a "tax decrease" instead of a so called "modest increase". Results ? Beth F.----Perhaps you can elaborate on your comment "With all of the people in town that are getting their taxes reduced...amazed that the increase will be as low as it is." Please provide a little clarification or facts that support this statement.


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