Municipal State Aid Remains Flat for RW, GR

Communities to start piecing together budgets shortly

The municipal governments of Ridgewood and Glen Rock won't be getting any extra financial help from the state in crafting its upcoming budgets, according to figures released by the state Thursday.

Both the and the will receive the same amount of state aid as it did last year, according to the Department of Community Affairs. Ridgewood will be receiving $1,867,233 in state aid and .

In 2009, Ridgewood's and last year Village Manager Ken Gabbert said the sum of roughly $1.87M is likely to be the baseline for several years. Glen Rock , when the state sliced more than $300,000.

Ridgewood has not yet begun its budget process but is expected to over the next few weeks. Glen Rock too is expected to begin tinkering with its budget shortly. Budgets are due in Trenton by late spring, early summer.

Glen Rock's school system, which accounts for about 70 percent of tax dollars, is in 2012-2013 while increasing staff and programs. Ridgewood is hoping state aid figures will .


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