Six Names on Village Council Ballot

Election for three seats on the Ridgewood Village Council takes place on May 8

It's official – a total of six candidates will be on the ballot for three open village council seats this spring.

According to Village Clerk Heather Mailander, the candidates will appear in this order, some with campaign slogans.

  • Albert J. Pucciarelli, "Service with Experience and Dedication"
  • Keith Killion
  • Russell R. Forenza
  • Paul Aronsohn             
  • Mary Jane Shinozuka, "Careful Progress for Ridgewood"
  • Gwenn H. Hauck, "Passionate, Caring Leadership"

currently serves as the vice chairman of the planning board. A long-time resident, the respected attorney is running on a platform of integrity and experience, particularly with business and land use issues. He views retroactive raises unfavorably. How his inability to weigh in on Ridgewood's most divisive issue – Valley's expansion efforts – is impacted on election day remains to be seen.

Mayor Keith Killion has been a councilman since 2008 and is a former captain of the police department. He's pushed for the , , flood mitigation efforts and moving through various council issues quickly. Killion, who helped lead the , generally plays the role of peacemaker on the dais and is often willing to compromise.

Russell Forenza, the budget officer in Paterson, sitting councilman Steve Wellinghorst in the 2010 special election, . He's trumpeted a very pro-expansion message and lives next to the hospital. Forenza has previously stated he wants cameras at downtown intersections, would see to keeping Graydon as is, explore new parking layouts and take a closer examination of the budget.

Paul Aronoshn is often the lone dissenting voice on the council. After work in the Clinton White House and a stint as press secretary for fmr. Gov. Jim McGreevy, Aronsohn was elected in 2008 alongside Killion and Annie Zusy. He's condemned the and , fought for accessibility improvements and library funding. He's been known to and .

, an active member of the HSA and a planning board member, says she's running as a concerned citizen who can represent many slices of Ridgewood life. Shinozuka is not shy in saying the expansion was a poor plan, and says prudent fiscal responsibility is critical at this point. Not everyone in Ridgewood can , she says. She's also running on a platform of improved storm communication, keeping Graydon largely as is while making changes to the Building Department.

is an ardent supporter of the hospital's aims to expand, but says there are many other issues out there. She's expressed support for , favors sweeping changes to the parking layout of the CBD, would like to maintain the level of 'premier' town services and also would like to see an overhaul of the Building Department. Hauck has also been an active volunteer in many community organizations.

John Q. March 07, 2012 at 04:19 PM
This will be a single issue election for me. Does Paul Aronsohn get medical benefits? How much does it cost the taxpayers? Will he waive the medical benefits immediately?
Long Time Resident March 08, 2012 at 12:37 AM
John Q, Where were you when Zusy, Mancuso, Pfund, Weist, Harlow and many other council members received medical and dental care? It's obvious you have an axe to grind with Paul. That's ok....but you show your ignorance when you say "This will be a single issue election for me".


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