Village Cuts 24 Jobs, Reduces 4 Others

Manager announces department-by-department cuts late Friday.

The village will layoff 24 workers and reduce the hours of four more, according to announcement late Friday afternoon. Union concessions, however, could bring that total lower.

Breaking down cuts department-by-department, Village Manager Dr. Kenneth Gabbert said the 28 staff changes—on top of 14 other retirements or transfers—will be implemented on July 14 and 30, with most coming at the earlier date.

Cuts were made to Ridgewood Water (8), Public Works (7), Parks and Recreation (4), Building and Inspection (3), Municipal Court (2), Health and Welfare (2), Finance (1), and Administration (1).

Receiving the most cutbacks, the water utility will lose all full-time employees. 

The four positions being reduced to part-time hours are two senior Parks and Recreation typists, the deputy municipal clerk, and the deputy registrar within Health and Welfare.

On July 14, 13 full and three part-time employees will be terminated with three people working reduced hours. On July 30, eight more full-time employees will be released with one staff member working reduced hours.

Gabbert also said there will be nine retirements, with six positions not to be replaced. Five other positions were eliminated due to separation from the village and transfers to other assignments.

Leading up to the termination days, the village will continue talks to reduce the cuts, Gabbert said.

"There are ongoing and positive negotiations with the UPSEU (Blue Collar and White Collar Unions) that may reduce the layoff total. The union is planning a vote next week," Gabbert said.

Although specific position cuts are available, the village manager said the names of employees are unavailable, as "NJ Civil Service has not confirmed the impact of individuals bumping other individuals due to seniority."

The village passed its budget June 16 with the hope of averting more cuts through union concessions. The budget increases taxes 5.2 percent and totals $42.4 million. 

To view the full cut list, see the attached document.

Dominick Nizza July 03, 2010 at 10:16 AM
Thank you Sam for the pdf item list. I could not find it at the Village Web-site .. perhaps, that might be helpful for those of us not privy to private communication sources you have. Is there a total dollar (saving amount) so we may understand the process a little bit better. Thanks.


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